From the French for “COuler (Pouring) > BAsculer (Tilting) > PRESSer (Pressing)”

This patented technology is perfectly suited to weight-reduction, mechanical strength and freedom of design requirements for suspension parts.

Over 100 millions COBAPRESS™ parts manufactured until today

Description of the COBAPRESS™: this hybrid process consists of casting a preform and hitting it one time with a forging press.

Advantages over casting

  • Improves material quality and properties : E155 ASTM < 1
  • Eliminates internal defects and optimizes mechanical properties
  • Reduces weight thanks to improved mechanical properties
  • Excellent fatigue resistance thanks to the skin effect of the COBAPRESS™ technology (scientific publication)
  • Stable process enables frequency control in mass production
  • Perfect cohesion of metal inserts

Advantages over forging

  • Alloy that is more economical and recyclable
  • Use of pins made possible, which reduces weight and machining costs
  • Reduces weight thanks to greater freedom of design
  • Allows production of more complex shapes
  • Stable process ensures improved quality control in mass production
  • Perfect cohesion of metal inserts

The characterization of the COBAPRESS™ process has been the subject of several scientific publications. The summary below provides a better understanding of the transformations produced during the manufacturing cycle and the subsequent results.

Typical parts manufactured

COBAPRESS™ is particularly suitable for safety critical parts such as suspension and chassis parts: knuckles and wheels carriers, control arms, damper fork, yoke, clevis, bi-material brake disc, suspension bracket, helmet

The COBAPRESS™ as a basis for innovation

The latest innovations in weight reduction

Two innovations at an advanced stage of maturity (Technology Readiness Level > 6) are currently offered:

  • The COBAPRESS™ Optimal (Optimized alloy) is a variant that offers mechanical properties improved by around 25%.
  • The Hollow COBAPRESS™ is a variant that optimizes weight and stiffness while retaining the advantages of COBAPRESS™

For more information about these two innovations, please request further documentation:

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Machining & component assembly