Bending and welding of aluminium parts

Our german plant Saint Jean Industries Stuttgart produces complex assembling of parts and sub-assemblies in light metal such as aluminum or magnesium. They are specialized in complex bending of extruded profiles, and welding af aluminium parts made from extrusion, forging, casting or even COBAPRESS™.

Bending of extruded profiles

By investing in a new bending technology, we now own a modern 6-axis free-form bending machine. This allows us – through the contortion of the entire bending head to the feed axis – to bend asymmetrical profiles as well.

Further advantages of the CNC or 3D bending – compared to stretch bending – are among others:

  • Intergradient radii can be bent transition-free
  • Changes of complex bending geometries are directly possible via CNC control
  • With one set of tools per profile various radii can be bent
  • By continuously pushing the material, wall thickness of the outer curve is hardly reduced

Our capabilities:

  • Bending 2 dimensions,
  • Complex bending 3 dimensions.

Typical parts manufactured

Bending is useful to manufacture structural parts and crash management parts such as: bumpers, windows frames, longitudinal beam, subdframe, cradle, battery rack…

2 dimensions bending of aluminium profiles

3 dimensions bending of aluminium profiles

Aluminum welding

Due to chemical and physical processes, the welding of aluminum components requires very high demands on the skills and equipment of the welding technician.

We have several computer-controlled 6-axis welding robots, which can weld even the most difficult compounds, such as the enabling of aluminum castings with extrusions – and in multi-shift operations.

A maximum degree of strength can only be achieved with optimal welding joints. Based on our many years of experience in welding light metal parts – e.g. in the automotive sector – we can ensure optimum quality.

Our capabilities:

  • Large part series on welding robot with rotary axis positioner
  • Manual welding for complex, small series and prototype parts
  • Secure friction stir welding from individual part to large volume production
  • MIG* manual welding
  • MIG and CMT** automated welding

*Metal Inert Gas / **Cold Metal Transfer










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