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Expertise in engineering and manufacturing of chassis and suspension parts

The latest regulations require more in-depth review of vehicle architectures, and the hybrid appears to be the most acceptable transition in the near future. Yet, more and more studies show that the fully electric vehicle is not only much better for the environment, but it is becoming the most economical choice. China leads the list of countries that invest the most in this area, and whose number of vehicles is growing exponentially. Europe and the United States are not left out, and multiply the programs for the development of the electric, through the charging infrastructures and the efficiency of the batteries, or the lightweighting of the vehicles.

Aluminum is the material of the mobility of the future. Saint Jean Industries has understood this and since 1962 has been manufacturing aluminum car parts. This material used through innovative manufacturing processes, provides a significant weight reduction of the vehicle, to meet the challenges of mobility today and tomorrow. This is the answer for manufacturers who want to improve the autonomy of their electric and hybrid vehicles.
For several years now, Saint Jean Invests to offer lightweighting solutions through each of its products: COBAPRESS ™ chassis parts, COBADISK™ bi-material brake disc, subframes, cradle, complex hollow with EPGS … Many manufacturers, and new players in mobility, trust us for the future, whether in Europe, the United States or China!